ddetachment, deetachmeent, detaachment, detacchment, detachhment, detachmemt, detachmen, detachmennt, detachmment, detachnent, detahcment, detakhment, dettachmentt, etachment

Detachment — synonyms, definition

1. detachment (Noun)

42 synonyms
Disengagement aloneness aloofness apathy apportionment battalion breakup brigade coldness company cut cutting desolation detail dissimilarity dissociation dissolution distinctness distribution disunion • • •
5 definitions

detachment (Noun) — Avoiding emotional involvement.

detachment (Noun) — The act of releasing from an attachment or connection.

detachment (Noun) — The state of being isolated or detached. ex. "the detachment of England was preserved by the English Channel"

detachment (Noun) — A small unit of troops of special composition.

detachment (Noun) — Coming apart.

7 types of
alteration army unit change indifference isolation modification separation
12 types
bodyguard breach break falling out patrol picket press gang provost guard rearguard rift rupture severance
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