Similar Words
ddestitute, deestitutee, desstitute, destiitute, destitut, destituute, desttittutte, detsitute, deztitute, estitute

Destitute — synonyms, definition

1. destitute (a)

43 synonyms
abandoned arid bankrupt bare barren broke busted comfortless denuded derelict desert deserted devoid dirt-poor disconsolate distressed dreary dry forlorn forsaken • • •

2. destitute (Adjective)

4 synonyms
empty free innocent necessitous
2 definitions

destitute (Adjective) — Poor enough to need help from others. ex. "These struggles produce considerable stress in the lives of the destitute and their families"

destitute (Adjective) — Completely wanting or lacking. ex. "young recruits destitute of experience"