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ddependdable, deepeendablee, depemdable, dependaable, dependabble, dependabl, dependablle, depenndable, deppendable, ependable

Dependable — synonyms, dependable antonyms, definition

1. dependable (a)

38 synonyms
assiduous authentic capable certain competent consistent efficient faithful honest loyal on time precise prompt regular reliable resolute responsible safe seasonable sincere • • •

2. dependable (Adjective)

4 synonyms
good rock-steady secure steady-going
1 antonym
4 definitions

dependable (Adjective) — Worthy of reliance or trust. ex. "a dependable worker"

dependable (Adjective) — Worthy of being depended on. ex. "a dependable worker"

dependable (Adjective) — Consistent in performance or behaviour. ex. "dependable in one's habits"

dependable (Adjective) — Financially sound. ex. "a dependable investment"