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ddeficiency, deeficieency, defficiency, deficcienccy, deficeincy, deficiemcy, deficienc, deficiencyy, deficienncy, defiiciiency, defikienky, dephiciency, eficiency

Deficiency — synonyms, definition

1. deficiency (Noun)

28 synonyms
blemish consumption dearth defect deficit depletion destitution drawback emptiness exhaustion failing fault flaw imperfection inadequacy insufficiency lack limitation meagreness need • • •
2 definitions

deficiency (Noun) — The state of needing something that is absent or unavailable. ex. "water is the critical deficiency in desert regions"

deficiency (Noun) — Lack of an adequate quantity or number. ex. "the deficiency of unemployment benefits"

3 types of
amount demand need
20 types
absence dearth deficit exiguity famine leanness meagerness meagreness mineral deficiency poorness scantiness scantness scarceness scarcity shortage shortfall shortness slenderness stringency tightness