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daerest, ddearest, deaarest, deares, dearesst, dearestt, dearets, dearezt, dearrest, deeareest, earest

Dearest — synonyms, definition

1. dearest (a)

10 synonyms
adored beloved cherished darling dear favourite precious revered sweet worshiped

2. dearest (Noun)

10 synonyms
baby darling duck honey love lover precious sugar sweetheart term of endearment
1 definition

dearest (Noun) — Someone who is loved (used as term of endearment).

1 type of

3. dearest (Adjective)

11 synonyms
best costliest most beloved most darling most devout most earnest most heartfelt most high-priced most pricey nearest priciest
5 definitions

dearest (Adjective) — Dearly loved.

dearest (Adjective) — With or in a close or intimate relationship. ex. "my sisters and brothers are near and dear"

dearest (Adjective) — Sincerely intended and with strong feeling. ex. "one's dearest wish"

dearest (Adjective) — Having a high price. ex. "much too dear for my pocketbook"

dearest (Adjective) — A formal way of addressing somebody at the beginning of a letter or email.