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cut up
ccut off, cut of, cut offff, cut ooff, cut ophph, cutt off, cuut off, kut off, ut off

Cut Off — synonyms, definition

1. cut off (Verb)

35 synonyms
amputate break break off break up chip chop chop off cleave cut cut out disconnect disjoin disrupt divide exscind fell hack hew interrupt knap • • •
6 definitions

cut off (Verb) — Make a break in. ex. "We cut off the program for the following messages"

cut off (Verb) — Cease, stop. ex. "cut off the noise"

cut off (Verb) — Remove by or as if by cutting. ex. "cut off the ear"

cut off (Verb) — Cut off and stop. ex. "The bicyclist was cut off by the van"

cut off (Verb) — Break a small piece off from. ex. "cut off the glass"

cut off (Verb) — (medicine) remove surgically. ex. "cut off limbs"

13 types of
break break off come away come off cut detach discontinue intercept remove stop take take away withdraw
30 types
abscise barge in block break break in burst in on burst upon butt in chime in chisel in come in cut in heckle inject interject intermit interpose jam pause punctuate • • •

2. cut off (Adjective)

1 synonym
1 definition

cut off (Adjective) — Detached by cutting. ex. "a cut off head"

3. cut off (Noun)

2 synonyms
crosscut shortcut
3 definitions

cut off (Noun) — A designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated.

cut off (Noun) — A route shorter than the usual one.

cut off (Noun) — A device that terminates the flow in a pipe.

5 types of
device limit limitation road route