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Curve — synonyms, curve antonyms, definition

1. curve (Noun)

29 synonyms
angle arch arm joint bend bender bow branch breaking ball camber circle corner crook curvature curve ball curved shape elbow extend fork globe hook • • •
1 antonym
straight line
5 definitions

curve (Noun) — A smooth line containing no straight portions and no sharp angles.

curve (Noun) — A line on a graph representing data.

curve (Noun) — A pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter.

curve (Noun) — The property possessed by a non-straight line or non-flat surface.

curve (Noun) — Curved segment (of a road, river or railway track etc.).

10 types of
configuration conformation contour delivery form line pitch section segment shape
53 types
Cupid's bow Gaussian curve Gaussian shape S-shape arc arch bell bell shape bell-shaped curve bend blind bend blind curve bow brachistochrone campana catenary closed curve crenation crenature crenel • • •
4 parts of
graph graphical record road route
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2. curve (Verb)

49 synonyms
angle arc arch bank bear bend bow buckle camber change coil contort convolute crook curl cut deflect deviate dodge encircle • • •
5 definitions

curve (Verb) — Turn sharply; change direction abruptly. ex. "The motorbike curved to the right"

curve (Verb) — Extend in curves and turns. ex. "The road curves around the lake"

curve (Verb) — Form an arch or curve. ex. "her hips curve nicely"

curve (Verb) — Bend or cause to bend. ex. "the road curved sharply"

curve (Verb) — Form a curl, curve, or kink. ex. "the cigar smoke curved up at the ceiling"

5 types of
be bend change surface flex turn
7 types
camber circumvolute peel off recurve snake spiral yaw