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ccriticcise, criitiiciise, criticis, criticisee, criticisse, criticize, critticise, crriticise, kritikise, riticise

Criticise — synonyms, definition

1. criticise (Verb) Brit

64 synonyms
abash analyse assail attack bad-mouth belabour berate blame carp censure chastise chide complain condemn criticize cut up damn debase demean denounce • • •
2 definitions

criticise (Verb) — Find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws. ex. "Don't criticise the food--it's free"

criticise (Verb) — Act as a critic. ex. "Those who criticise others often are not perfect, either"

5 types of
act comment notice point out remark
53 types
admonish assail assault attack bawl out belabor belabour belittle berate blame blast call down call on the carpet censure chew out chew up chide come down criminate crucify • • •