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cconvention, comvemtiom, connvenntionn, conveention, conventiion, conventio, conventoin, conventtion, convvention, coonventioon, konvention, onvention

Convention — synonyms, definition

1. convention (Noun)

61 synonym
assemblage assembly cabinet caucus celebration ceremonial ceremony code collection committee compact conference conformity congregation congress consultation contract convening conventionalism conventionality • • •
5 definitions

convention (Noun) — A large formal assembly. ex. "political convention"

convention (Noun) — Something regarded as a normative example. ex. "the convention of not naming the main character"

convention (Noun) — (diplomacy) an international agreement.

convention (Noun) — Orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional.

convention (Noun) — The act of convening.

10 types of
accord assemblage assembly gathering group meeting meeting orthodoxy pact practice treaty
9 types
Chemical Weapons Convention Constitutional Convention Geneva Convention code of behavior code of conduct conformity mores ossification universal
2 see also
conventional unconventional