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ccontinue, comtimue, conntinnue, contiinue, contineu, continu, continuee, continuue, contiune, contniue, conttinue, coontinue, kontinue, ontinue

Continue — synonyms, continue antonyms, definition

1. continue (Verb)

96 synonyms
abide acquire a livelihood adhere advance attach attenuate be be alive bear bear on breathe carry on carry over carry through cling come on conduct cover diffuse dilate • • •
1 antonym
10 definitions

continue (Verb) — Resume or proceed in a certain state, condition, or activity. ex. "We continued to work into the night"

continue (Verb) — Keep talking; follow up. ex. "please continue"

continue (Verb) — Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last. ex. "continue the family tradition"

continue (Verb) — Move ahead; travel onward in time or space. ex. "She continued in the direction of the hills"

continue (Verb) — Allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature. ex. "We cannot continue several servants any longer"

continue (Verb) — Do something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop. ex. "We continued our research into the cause of the illness"

continue (Verb) — Resume after an interruption. ex. "The demonstration continued after a break for lunch"

continue (Verb) — Be in the same place, position, or situation for longer. ex. "She continued as deputy mayor for another year"

continue (Verb) — Span an interval of distance, space or time. ex. "The Archipelago continues for another 500 miles"

continue (Verb) — Exist over a prolonged period of time. ex. "The bad weather continued for two more weeks"

14 types of
act be go hold keep keep up locomote maintain move prolong speak sustain talk travel
48 types
abide bide carry constellate cross die hard dot endure extend hang in hang on head hold hold on hold over jog keep going keep up limp mummify • • •