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cconsort, comsort, connsort, consor, consorrt, consortt, conssort, conzort, coonsoort, konsort, onsort

Consort — synonyms, definition

1. consort (Noun)

25 synonyms
associate choir chum companion compeer crony czarina fairy queen female ruler female sovereign friend husband matriarch monarch queen queen consort queen dowager queen mother queen regent regent • • •
4 definitions

consort (Noun) — The husband or wife of a reigning monarch.

consort (Noun) — A family of similar musical instruments playing together.

consort (Noun) — A husband, wife, companion or partner.

consort (Noun) — A ship accompanying another.

7 types of
better half married person mate other half partner set spouse
5 types
Francoise d'Aubigne Madame de Maintenon Maintenon Marquise de Maintenon prince consort

2. consort (Verb)

30 synonyms
abet accompany accord affiliate agree associate assort befriend coincide collude combine forces concord concur conform conspire cooperate fit in fraternise fraternize harmonise • • •
3 definitions

consort (Verb) — Keep company with; hang out with. ex. "He consorts with strange people"

consort (Verb) — Go well together. ex. "The colours don't consort"

consort (Verb) — Keep company. ex. "the heifers consort with the bulls to produce offspring"

12 types of
accompany agree check correspond fit gibe interact jibe marry marry up match tally
12 types
accompany ally blend blend in companion company date go go out go steady keep company see