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cconquer, comquer, connquer, conqeur, conqquer, conque, conqueer, conquerr, conquuer, coonquer, konquer, onquer

Conquer — synonyms, definition

1. conquer (Verb)

67 synonyms
achieve acquire annex annihilate appropriate beat bring down bury capture check clobber crush curb defeat depose destroy down entrap extinguish fell • • •
3 definitions

conquer (Verb) — To put down by force or authority. ex. "conquer one's desires"

conquer (Verb) — Take possession of by force, as after an invasion. ex. "The militia conquered the castle"

conquer (Verb) — Overcome by conquest. ex. "conquer your fears" ex. "conquer a country"

15 types of
arrogate assume check contain control curb defeat get the better of hold hold in moderate overcome seize take over usurp
23 types
blink blink away burke carry choke back choke down choke off dampen hush hush up muffle quell quench quieten repress shut up silence smother squelch stifle • • •