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cconfining, comfimimg, conffining, confiiniing, confiinng, confinin, confiningg, confninig, connfinninng, conphining, coonfining, konfining, onfining

Confining — synonyms, confining antonyms, definition

1. confining (a)

5 synonyms
binding limiting restraining restrictive tying

2. confining (Adjective)

4 synonyms
close constraining constrictive restricting
2 definitions

confining (Adjective) — Restricting the scope or freedom of action.

confining (Adjective) — In close proximity; crowded. ex. "confining quarters"

3. confining (Verb)

8 synonyms
bounding circumscribing detaining enclosing holding holding in throttling trammeling
1 antonym
6 definitions

confining (Verb) — Place limits on (extent or access). ex. "confine the use of this parking lot"

confining (Verb) — Restrict in quantity or scope. ex. "I confine you to two visits to the pub a day"

confining (Verb) — Prevent from leaving or from being removed.

confining (Verb) — Close in. ex. "darkness confined him"

confining (Verb) — Deprive of freedom; take into confinement.

confining (Verb) — Limit to within certain bounds; physically prevent from moving. ex. "This confines the local until the express passengers change trains"

19 types of
bearing carrying checking containing controlling curbing decreasing disabling disenabling holding holding back holding in incapacitating keeping keeping back lessening minifying moderating restraining
95 types
baffling binding binding over bordering bounding boxing in boxing up cabining caging caging in capping clamping down closeting constraining contenting cooping cooping in cooping up cracking down cramping • • •