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cconcclusion, comclusiom, concllusion, conclusiion, conclusio, conclusoin, conclussion, concluusion, concluzion, connclusionn, coonclusioon, konklusion, onclusion

Conclusion — synonyms, definition

1. conclusion (Noun)

83 synonyms
action adjournment aftermath arrangement assumption assurance attainment belief certainty clarification close closing completion confirmation conjecture consequence consummation contract corollary covenant • • •
9 definitions

conclusion (Noun) — A position, opinion or judgment reached after consideration. ex. "his conclusion took the evidence into account"

conclusion (Noun) — An intuitive assumption. ex. "jump to a conclusion"

conclusion (Noun) — The temporal end; the concluding time. ex. "the conclusion of each round was signaled by a bell"

conclusion (Noun) — Event whose occurrence ends something. ex. "his death marked the conclusion of an era"

conclusion (Noun) — The proposition arrived at by logical reasoning (such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism).

conclusion (Noun) — The act of ending something. ex. "the conclusion of the agreement"

conclusion (Noun) — A final settlement. ex. "the conclusion of a business deal" ex. "the conclusion of the peace treaty"

conclusion (Noun) — The last section of a communication. ex. "in conclusion I want to say..."

conclusion (Noun) — The act of making up your mind about something. ex. "he drew his conclusions quickly"

22 types of
assumption change of state choice end ending happening judgement judgment mind natural event occurrence occurrent option pick proposition section selection settlement subdivision supposal • • •
91 type
Epilog Z abolishment abolition abort abortion adjournment anticlimax appointment assignment bathos breakup call casting lots chuck closedown closing closure coda completion • • •
2 parts
major term minor term
6 parts of
address narration recital speech syllogism yarn