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ccomplete, commplete, compleetee, complet, complette, compllete, compplete, conplete, coomplete, komplete, omplete

Complete — synonyms, complete antonyms, definition

1. complete (a)

115 synonyms
absolute abundant accomplished added adequate adequately aggregate all all-inclusive all-out ample blank blunt bounteous brimming categorical clean clear-cut combined completed • • •

2. complete (Verb)

80 synonyms
accompany accomplish achieve act actualise actualize add to assuage average bring to an end cap carry out carry through cease clinch close combine commit complement conclude • • •
5 definitions

complete (Verb) — Come or bring to a finish or an end. ex. "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree"

complete (Verb) — Bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements. ex. "A child would complete the family"

complete (Verb) — Carry out, fulfil. ex. "complete one's duties"

complete (Verb) — (football) complete a pass.

complete (Verb) — Write all the required information onto a form. ex. "complete this questionnaire, please!"

13 types of
accomplish action carry out carry through end execute fill fill up fulfil fulfill make full play terminate
26 types
accomplish action carry out carry through clear up close execute finish off finish out finish up follow out follow through follow up fulfil fulfill get through go through implement mop up polish off • • •

3. complete (Adjective)

12 synonyms
all over arrant concluded double-dyed ended everlasting gross over sodding staring stark thoroughgoing
1 antonym
5 definitions

complete (Adjective) — Having every necessary or normal part or component or step. ex. "a complete meal" ex. "a complete wardrobe" ex. "a complete set of the Britannica" ex. "a complete set of china" ex. "a complete defeat" ex. "a complete accounting"

complete (Adjective) — Perfect in every respect; having all necessary qualities. ex. "a complete gentleman"

complete (Adjective) — Highly skilled. ex. "a complete musician"

complete (Adjective) — Without qualification; used informally as an (often pejorative) intensifier. ex. "a complete coward"

complete (Adjective) — Having come or been brought to a conclusion. ex. "the harvesting was complete"

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