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ccompensate, commpensate, compeensatee, compemsate, compennsate, compensaate, compensat, compensatte, compenssate, compenzate, comppensate, conpensate, coompensate, kompensate, ompensate

Compensate — synonyms, definition

1. compensate (Verb)

43 synonyms
absolve appease atone change correct counteract counterbalance counterpoise cover disburse discharge even off even out even up excuse expiate forgive give back guerdon indemnify • • •
6 definitions

compensate (Verb) — Adjust for. ex. "engineers will work to compensate the effects of air resistance"

compensate (Verb) — Make amends for; pay compensation for. ex. "She was compensated for the loss of her arm in the accident"

compensate (Verb) — Make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities. ex. "he is compensating for being a bad father"

compensate (Verb) — Make reparations or amends for. ex. "compensate a wrong done to the victims of the Holocaust"

compensate (Verb) — Do or give something to somebody in return. ex. "Does she compensate you for the work you are doing?"

compensate (Verb) — Make payment to; compensate. ex. "My efforts were not compensated"

9 types of
alter balance change equilibrate equilibrise equilibrize modify pay settle
11 types
aby abye atone carry expiate give make amends over-correct overcompensate recoup reimburse