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come on
con man
ccome in, come i, come iin, come im, come inn, come ni, comee in, comme in, cone in, coome in, kome in, ome in

Come In — synonyms, come in antonyms, definition

1. come in (Verb)

33 synonyms
alight arrive colonise colonize come come out emigrate enter get in get into get involved go in go into immigrate inject intercede interfere interject interpose intrude • • •
1 antonym
go out
5 definitions

come in (Verb) — To come or go into. ex. "the boat came in an area of shallow marshes"

come in (Verb) — Be received. ex. "News came in of the massacre in Rwanda"

come in (Verb) — (fashion) come into fashion; become fashionable.

come in (Verb) — To insert between other elements.

come in (Verb) — Take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal. ex. "Jerry came in third in the Marathon"

9 types of
arrive break up change come cut off disrupt get interrupt rank
20 types
board call at dock encroach upon file in get on intrude intrude on invade irrupt obtrude upon out in penetrate perforate pop in re-enter take the field take water turn in walk in
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