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cchatter, chaatter, chater, chatte, chatteer, chatterr, chatttter, chhatter, hatter, hcatter, khatter

Chatter — synonyms, definition

1. chatter (Noun)

37 synonyms
babble baloney blab blabber blather calumny chattering chip chirp chit-chat chitchat defamation drivel gab gibberish gossip hearsay idle talk jabber news • • •
3 definitions

chatter (Noun) — Noisy talk.

chatter (Noun) — The rapid series of noises made by the parts of a machine.

chatter (Noun) — The high-pitched continuing noise made by animals (birds or monkeys).

3 types of
noise talk talking
6 types
blather blether chin music idle talk prate prattle

2. chatter (Verb)

57 synonyms
Natter babble blab bubble burble cackle chaffer chat chew the fat chip chirp chit-chat clack claver click communicate confab confabulate confer converse • • •
5 definitions

chatter (Verb) — Make a clicking sound repeatedly or uncontrollably. ex. "Chattering teeth"

chatter (Verb) — Cut unevenly with a chattering tool.

chatter (Verb) — Talk socially without exchanging too much information. ex. "the men were sitting in the cafe and chattering"

chatter (Verb) — Speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly.

chatter (Verb) — Make noise as if chattering away. ex. "The magpies were chattering in the trees"

11 types of
converse cut discourse go mouth sound speak talk utter verbalise verbalize
10 types
babble blather blether blither jawbone schmoose schmooze shmoose shmooze smatter

3. chatter (n/v)

17 synonyms
blab chat chit-chat drivel gab gibberish gossip jabber maunder noise nonsense palaver patter prate prattle rumour twaddle