Channelise — synonyms, definition

1. channelise (Verb) Brit

13 synonyms
channel channelize direct guide head maneuver manoeuver manoeuvre point steer transfer transmit transport
4 definitions

channelise (Verb) — Determine the direction of travelling.

channelise (Verb) — Make a channel for; provide with a channel. ex. "channelise the country for better transportation"

channelise (Verb) — Send from one person or place to another.

channelise (Verb) — Cause to form a channel. ex. "channelise a stream"

9 types of
build command construct control displace make move straighten straighten out
28 types
Crab Helm bring canalise canalize channel con conn convey corner dock fetch get navigate park pilot project propagate pull over release • • •