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bbring forth, briing forth, brimg forth, bring fforth, bring foorth, bring fort, bring forthh, bring fortth, bring phorth, bringg forth, brinng forth, brnig forth, brring forrth, ring forth

Bring Forth — synonyms, definition

1. bring forth (Verb)

32 synonyms
abound afford bear beget blossom breed bring back cast conceive deal deliver direct discharge emit engender father furnish generate get give birth to • • •
4 definitions

bring forth (Verb) — Bring into existence. ex. "The new manager brought forth a lot of problems"

bring forth (Verb) — Bring out for display. ex. "The accused brought forth a letter in court that he claims exonerates him"

bring forth (Verb) — Bring forth or yield. ex. "The tree would not bring forth fruit"

bring forth (Verb) — Make children. ex. "Abraham brought forth Isaac"

5 types of
create display exhibit expose make
17 types
bear birth bring on come up crank out deliver develop free give birth grind out have induce liberate manufacture release sporulate turn on