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bbreak out, braek out, breaak out, breac out, breack out, break oout, break ou, break outt, break ouut, break uot, breakk out, breeak out, brreak out, reak out

Break Out — synonyms, definition

1. break out (Noun)

10 synonyms
disease gaolbreak jailbreak outbreak pestilence plague prison-breaking prisonbreak rash sickness
1 definition

break out (Noun) — An escape from jail. ex. "the breakout was carefully planned"

2 types of
escape flight

2. break out (Verb)

8 synonyms
break break away burn erupt flare up go off recrudesce spark
5 definitions

break out (Verb) — Start abruptly. ex. "After 1989, peace broke out in the former East Bloc"

break out (Verb) — Begin suddenly and sometimes violently. ex. "He broke out shouting"

break out (Verb) — Move away or escape suddenly. ex. "Nobody can break out--this prison is high security"

break out (Verb) — Take from stowage in preparation for use.

break out (Verb) — Become raw or open. ex. "He broke out in hives" ex. "My skin breaks out when I eat strawberries"

10 types of
ail begin break loose escape get away pain start take out trouble unpack
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