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Break Down — synonyms, definition

1. break down (Noun)

11 synonyms
adulteration breakup corrupt crack-up decay decomposition dislocation equipment failure partitioning putrefaction waste
4 definitions

break down (Noun) — The act of disrupting an established order so it fails to continue. ex. "his warning came after the breakdown of talks in London"

break down (Noun) — A mental or physical breakdown.

break down (Noun) — A cessation of normal operation. ex. "there was a power breakdown"

break down (Noun) — An analysis into mutually exclusive categories.

7 types of
analysis analytic thinking collapse disruption failure perturbation prostration
11 types
brake failure dud engine failure fault misfire nervous breakdown outage power failure power outage resolution resolving

2. break down (Verb)

58 synonyms
analyse analyze blubber break break up burst out cave in choke collapse conk out crap out cripple crumble crumple crush decompose destroy die disintegrate disorder • • •
8 definitions

break down (Verb) — Make ineffective. ex. "Martin Luther King tried to break down racial discrimination"

break down (Verb) — Make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; break down into components or essential features. ex. "break down today's financial market"

break down (Verb) — Lose control of one's emotions. ex. "When she heard that she had not passed the exam, she broke down completely"

break down (Verb) — Stop operating or functioning. ex. "The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town"

break down (Verb) — Fall apart. ex. "Negotiations broke down"

break down (Verb) — Cause to fall or collapse.

break down (Verb) — (chemistry) separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts.

break down (Verb) — Fall or become unconscious due to fatigue, illness, or a sudden attack.

14 types of
act alter behave break bust change change integrity do get have modify separate suffer sustain
24 types
blow blow out botanise botanize burn out crack crash die digest dissociate dissolve drop like flies factor analyse factor analyze fall apart fall over fall to pieces go down go over go to pieces • • •
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