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bbludgeon, blludgeon, bluddgeon, bludgeeon, bludgeo, bludgeom, bludgeonn, bludgeoon, bludggeon, bludgoen, bluudgeon, ludgeon

Bludgeon — synonyms, definition

1. bludgeon (Noun)

6 synonyms
bat billy club cudgel shillelagh stick
1 definition

bludgeon (Noun) — A club used as a weapon.

1 type of
3 types
blackjack cosh sap

2. bludgeon (Verb)

14 synonyms
batter beat break club dash hit pommel shatter splash splatter strike thrust thump whack
2 definitions

bludgeon (Verb) — Overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club. ex. "The teacher bludgeoned the students into learning the maths formulas"

bludgeon (Verb) — Strike with a club or a bludgeon.

6 types of
coerce force hale hit pressure squeeze