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bblubbbber, bllubber, blubbe, blubbeer, blubberr, bluber, bluubber, lubber

Blubber — synonyms, definition

1. blubber (Noun)

5 synonyms
avoirdupois fat fatness lard tallow
2 definitions

blubber (Noun) — An insulating layer of fat under the skin of whales and other large marine mammals; used as a source of oil.

blubber (Noun) — Excess bodily weight. ex. "she disliked blubber in herself as well as in others"

2 types of
animal oil bodily property
12 types
abdominousness adiposeness adiposity corpulency fattiness fleshiness greasiness obesity oiliness oleaginousness paunchiness steatopygia

2. blubber (Verb)

21 synonym
bawl bemoan bewail blub blubber out break down burst out choke cry moan rage sniffle snivel snuffle sob wail weep whimper whine yell • • •
2 definitions

blubber (Verb) — Cry or whine with snuffling.

blubber (Verb) — Utter while crying.

8 types of
cry mouth speak talk utter verbalise verbalize weep

3. blubber (n/v)

4 synonyms
cry sob wail whimper