bbetrayal, beetrayal, betraayaal, betraya, betrayall, betrayyal, betrrayal, bettrayal, etrayal

Betrayal — synonyms, definition

1. betrayal (Noun)

35 synonyms
abuse announcement apostasy defilement disaffection discovery disloyalty display divulgence expose exposure exposé faithlessness falsity fault fraud indignity infidelity misbehavior misdeed • • •
3 definitions

betrayal (Noun) — Aiding an enemy against the interest of one's country.

betrayal (Noun) — An act of deliberate betrayal.

betrayal (Noun) — The quality of being disloyal.

7 types of
dishonesty infidelity knavery subversiveness traitorousness treason unfaithfulness
10 types
disaffection double cross double-crossing perfidiousness perfidy sellout subversiveness traitorousness treachery treason