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aautomobile, autommobile, automobbile, automobiile, automobil, automobilee, automobille, autonobile, autoomoobile, auttomobile, auutomobile, uatomobile, utomobile

Automobile — synonyms, definition

1. automobile (o)

1 synonym

2. automobile (Noun)

19 synonyms
auto bus cab car carriage conveyance hack lorry machine motor vehicle motorcar rig semi taxi-cab tourist car truck van vehicle wagon
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automobile (Noun) — A motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine.

2 types of
automotive vehicle motor vehicle
79 types
Bentley Cadillac HEV Hardtop Model T S.U.V. SUV Stanley Steamer ambulance banger beach waggon beach wagon bus cab clunker compact compact car convertible coupe cruiser • • •
60 parts
Grille accelerator accelerator pedal air bag anti-sway bar auto accessory automobile engine automobile horn automobile trunk bonnet boot buffer bumper car door car horn car mirror car seat car window cowl cowling • • •
20 on topics
adhesive friction alternator backseat chattel grip hopped-up movable passenger personal chattel prang rental renting rider road map saleroom salesroom showroom spark lever traction tunnel

3. automobile (Verb)

1 definition

automobile (Verb) — (driving) travel in an automobile.

4 types of
go locomote move travel