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aartery, arrterry, arteery, arter, arteryy, arttery, rtery

Artery — synonyms, definition

1. artery (Noun)

21 synonym
aorta aperture arteria arterial blood vessel blood vessel capillary channel cleft conduit duct freeway highway main road motorway passage road tube turnpike vein vessel • • •
2 definitions

artery (Noun) — A blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body.

artery (Noun) — A major thoroughfare that bears important traffic.

2 types of
blood vessel thoroughfare
153 types
alveolar artery angular artery aorta appendicular artery arcuate artery arcuate artery of the kidney areteria cervicalis arteria alveolaris arteria angularis arteria appendicularis arteria arcuata arteria ascendens arteria auricularis arteria axillaris arteria basilaris arteria brachialis arteria buccalis arteria bulbi penis arteria bulbi vestibuli arteria carotis • • •

2. artery (US)

3 synonyms
boulevard route thoroughfare