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aalternaative, allternative, alteernativee, altermative, alternatiive, alternativ, alternativve, alternnative, alterrnative, altternattive, lternative

Alternative — synonyms, definition

1. alternative (a)

7 synonyms
makeshift provisional stopgap substitute surrogate temporary tentative

2. alternative (Noun)

24 synonyms
acceptance alternate chance choice choosing course decision device discretion election expedient fill-in hope makeshift opportunity option preference replacement resort resource • • •
1 definition

alternative (Noun) — One of a number of things from which only one can be chosen. ex. "there is no other alternative"

2 types of
deciding decision making
12 types
Hobson's choice default default option druthers impossibility impossible action obverse opening possibility possible action preference soft option

3. alternative (Adjective)

3 definitions

alternative (Adjective) — Serving or used in place of another. ex. "an alternative plan"

alternative (Adjective) — Necessitating a choice between mutually exclusive possibilities. ex. "alternative possibilities were neutrality or war"

alternative (Adjective) — Pertaining to unconventional choices. ex. "an alternative life style"