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aalter, allter, alte, alteer, alterr, altter, lter

Alter — synonyms, definition

1. alter (Verb)

64 synonyms
abbreviate abridge accommodate adapt adjust advance affect avert balance calibrate castrate change concern conform convert correspond cut differ differentiate diversify • • •
5 definitions

alter (Verb) — Make different; cause a transformation. ex. "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"

alter (Verb) — Become different in some particular way. ex. "her mood alters in accordance with the weather"

alter (Verb) — Make an alteration to. ex. "This dress needs to be altered"

alter (Verb) — Insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby.

alter (Verb) — Remove the ovaries of. ex. "Is your cat altered?"

9 types of
desex desexualise desexualize edit fix redact sterilise sterilize unsex
731 type
Americanise Americanize Dinge Europeanise Europeanize Frenchify Islamise Islamize accelerate accommodate accustom acerbate acetylate acetylise acetylize achromatise achromatize activate adapt add • • •