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aagreeaable, aggreeable, agreable, agreaeble, agreeabble, agreeabl, agreeablle, agreeeeablee, agrreeable, greeable

Agreeable — synonyms, agreeable antonyms, definition

1. agreeable (a)

129 synonyms
accessible accordant acquiescent adapted admirable adorable advantageous agreeing ambrosial amenable amiable amicable amusing appeasing approachable approbatory ardent assenting at ease attainable • • •

2. agreeable (Adjective)

1 antonym
3 definitions

agreeable (Adjective) — Conforming to your own liking, feelings or nature. ex. "Is the plan agreeable to you?" ex. "he's an agreeable fellow" ex. "My idea of an agreeable a person who agrees with me" ex. "an agreeable manner"

agreeable (Adjective) — In keeping. ex. "salaries agreeable with current trends"

agreeable (Adjective) — Prepared to agree or consent. ex. "agreeable to the plan"