Affairs — synonyms, definition

1. affairs (Noun)

13 synonyms
affaires amours functions intimacies involvements liaisons matters occasions personal business personal matters social function* social occasion* things
5 definitions

affairs (Noun) — Matters of personal concern. ex. "get his affairs in order"

affairs (Noun) — Transactions of professional or public interest. ex. "news of current affairs" ex. "great affairs of state"

affairs (Noun) — A vaguely specified concern. ex. "it is none of your affair"

affairs (Noun) — A usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship.

affairs (Noun) — A vaguely specified social event. ex. "the party was quite an affair"

6 types of
concern dealing dealings sexual relationship* social event* transaction
17 types
celebrations ceremonial occasion* ceremonials ceremonies dirty laundry dirty linen fundraisers international affairs jubilations leasts observances parties photo op* photo opportunity* politics sleepovers world affairs