Similar Words
aadumbraation, addumbration, adumbbration, adumbratiion, adumbratio, adumbratiom, adumbrationn, adumbratioon, adumbratoin, adumbrattion, adumbrration, adummbration, adunbration, aduumbration, dumbration

Adumbration — synonyms, definition

1. adumbration (Noun)

11 synonyms
apocalypse darkness divination eclipse foreshadowing oracle prefiguration prophecy revelation shadow silhouette
2 definitions

adumbration (Noun) — The act of providing vague advance indications; representing beforehand.

adumbration (Noun) — A sketchy, imperfect or faint representation.

4 types of
anticipation prediction prevision representation

2. adumbration (Verb)

5 synonyms
darkness eclipse shade shadow silhouette