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aadept, addept, adeept, adep, adeppt, adeptt, dept

Adept — synonyms, definition

1. adept (a)

41 synonym
able accomplished adroit aid alert apt artistic bright clean clever competent crafty cunning deft dexterous efficient expedite experienced expert facile • • •

2. adept (Noun)

34 synonyms
ace artificer artisan artist brain champion contriver craftsman craftswoman creator designer genius hotshot intellect intellectual inventor maestro master maven mavin • • •
1 definition

adept (Noun) — Someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.

1 type of
1 type
track star

3. adept (Adjective)

3 synonyms
good practised skillful
1 definition

adept (Adjective) — Having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude. ex. "adept in handicrafts" ex. "an adept juggler"