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aachievement, acchievement, acheivement, achhievement, achieeveemeent, achievememt, achievemen, achievemennt, achievementt, achievemment, achievenent, achievvement, achiievement, ahcievement, akhievement, chievement

Achievement — synonyms, definition

1. achievement (Noun)

66 synonyms
accomplishment act action advantage afterglow arraignment arrival ascendancy attainment click completion composition conquest consummation contentment conveyance coup culmination deed doing • • •
2 definitions

achievement (Noun) — The action of accomplishing something.

achievement (Noun) — Something that is achieved successfully.

1 type of
37 types
accomplished fact arrival attainment base on balls beachhead cakewalk close call close shave credit effort enlisting exploit face saver face saving fait accompli feat foothold freeing going haymaking • • •