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aaccredit, accccredit, accreddit, accredi, accrediit, accreditt, accreedit, accrredit, acredit, akkredit, ccredit

Accredit — synonyms, definition

1. accredit (Verb)

28 synonyms
advance advocate affirm allow approve ascribe assign authenticate authorise authorize bring up certify commend confirm corroborate credit empower enable endorse impute • • •
3 definitions

accredit (Verb) — Grant credentials to. ex. "The Regents officially accredited the new educational institution"

accredit (Verb) — (Foreign Service) provide or send (envoys or embassadors) with official credentials.

accredit (Verb) — Ascribe an achievement to. ex. "She was not properly accredited in the program"

9 types of
appoint ascribe assign attribute certify charge impute licence license