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aabroaad, abbroad, abraod, abroa, abroadd, abrooad, abrroad, broad

Abroad — synonyms, definition

1. abroad (o)

11 synonyms
afar at large away backwoods below the horizon distant everywhere far off removed unapproachable yonder

2. abroad (a)

14 synonyms
afar astir backwoods below the horizon common distant far off far-off in the air in the making popular rampant removed unapproachable

3. abroad (Adjective)

1 definition

abroad (Adjective) — In a foreign country. ex. "markets abroad"

4. abroad (Adverb)

2 synonyms
afield overseas
3 definitions

abroad (Adverb) — To or in a foreign country. ex. "they had never travelled abroad"

abroad (Adverb) — Faraway from home or one's usual surroundings. ex. "looking abroad for new lands to conquer"

abroad (Adverb) — In a place across an ocean.